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Are you ready to dabble in rocket science? I'm so excited to be able to teach you this term. Please see the information below about the cost, course description, and note to the students. 

course structure and description

This course covers the history, science, aerodynamic and physical properties of rockets. Students will obtain a thorough knowledge of in-flight concepts and aerodynamic design concepts in the context of the physics behind rocketry. These concepts include the forces of flight, Bernoullian lift, and Newtonian concepts as it applies to objects in flight. This course contains both a lab and lecture component. 

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Science Museum Space Exploration

class structure & layout 

lecture & theory

About 1/3 of this class is structured around aeronautical and physical theory for  flight and construction of rockets. Included in the lecture component are writing assignments, preparing students for college scientific writing and instructing them on proper citation practices.


The other 2/3 of the class are centered around the lab component. Students will have opportunities to build "test rockets" leading up to the final project - which will include a lab report to teach students essential skills for future advanced science courses. 

final wrap up

There will be a fnal for the lecture component that will draw on prior knowledge of concepts learned in this class. There will also be a final project that students will be able to present to the class and keep as a reminder of all they achieved in the course.

Image by Greg Rakozy

note to students

Our class lectures and assignments can be found in the "members only" login area, which can be found in the right most tab area. 

This page contains course descriptions, costs, and additional resources for educators, parents, and students. 

If you have any further questions about how this can be credited depending on your student's grade level, accommodations, or cost inquiries/scholarships, please contact me using the contact form on the site, accessible here

enjoy your stay!

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